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Work Related Injuries Lawyers Helped Countless Workers

Our work related injuries lawyers will fight to stand up for your rights if your workers’ compensation claim has been wrongfully denied or delayed. Below, we have listed a number of common work-related injuries. This list is by no means exhaustive, but if you have suffered one of these types of injuries, our workers’ comp attorney may be able to help you bring a claim to recover for your medical bills and lost wages.

Heart Attacks and Strokes

Many worksite injuries may not be the direct result of a concurrent event. If you have suffered a heart attack or stroke, there may be workers’ compensation benefits available to you if they are found to be a result of job stress or strain. Claims for these injuries require the skill of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers, as you will need to show technical medical proof in a court of law, and they are frequently pursued through the court of appeals before benefits can be received.

Cumulative Trauma

If you have a job that requires physical labor or even an office job that involves many repetitive tasks, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that accrue over a long period of time. Common examples include hearing loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip problems, back pain or trouble breathing. If you are experiencing any kind of joint soreness or back and neck injury, it is crucial that you do not overlook the possibility that these injuries may become severe if your job requires repetitive physical tasks. A Tulsa carpal tunnel injury lawyer can ensure you are properly compensated for carpal tunnel or repetitive motion injuries.


These are the type of injuries that most people associate with workers’ compensation claims. These include sudden occurrences that directly result from falls or mishandled equipment, such as cuts, strains, sprains, broken bones and burns.

Skin Disorders and Rashes

Many Oklahoma citizens have jobs that put them in contact with smoke, chemicals or other harmful materials. Repeated exposure to these things can often cause skin disorders or rashes. These conditions are covered under the state’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

Presumptive Diseases and Firefighters

We created special presumptions for workers’ compensation claims that are in favor of firefighters. According to state law, if you pass the physical upon entry to the fire department, any health problem you suffer thereafter, such as heart disease, cancer, or respiratory disability, is presumed to be work-related unless it can be shown to have been caused elsewhere.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the kinds of injuries that can entitle you to a workers’ compensation claim. If you have suffered any injury on your job site or believe you may have a condition that developed over a longer period of time, our work related injury attorneys in Tulsa can help.

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