Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving

If you are arrested and charged with drunk driving, driving after drinking, or otherwise driving under the influence of a chemical substance (DUI/DWI), the consequences can be severe; you may lose your driver’s license, pay heavy fines, have your vehicle impounded and even receive a jail sentence. The same can be true of being charged with actual physical control of a vehicle (APC). DUI/DWI convictions may remain on your permanent criminal record and as a result, may interfere with your livelihood, causing you to lose your job or hinder future employment opportunities. With such high stakes, it is crucial that you contact a qualified DUI/DWI defense attorney, such as those at Anthony Allen & Associates, as soon as you are arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Our law firm understands the anxiety and fear one feels after being arrested for drunk driving, and we will diligently represent you to ensure the best possible resolution for your case. We have a thorough understanding of sobriety tests and law enforcement protocol which can be part of an effective and comprehensive defense against the DUI/DWI charges you face. During our initial consultation with you, we will determine if there was police error, field sobriety test errors or inaccuracies, failure to follow proper protocol or administrative errors which may prove your innocence or lead to the dismissal of charges by the prosecution.

DUI/DWI cases

DUI/DWI cases are complex and the laws which govern them vary dramatically depending upon the state or municipality in which the charges are filed. Our attorneys are well versed in all local and state-wide DUI/DWI regulations and have experience interacting with police departments, prosecutors and the department of motor vehicles. If you’ve been arrested for DWI, DUI, or APC, contact our law firm today to speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys who will fight on your behalf to minimize the impact of your arrest.

Anthony Allen & Associates is a good choice for your Tulsa or Okmulgee County DUI/DWI defense attorney if you are concerned about:

Going to jail for multiple DUI/DWIs
Driver’s license suspension
Acquiring points on your record at the Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Having to install an ignition interlock system in your car
Probation and noncompliance issues

Our lawyers are very thorough. At Anthony Allen & Associates we will:

Collect and preserve all necessary evidence, including copies of police records, physical evidence, and motor vehicle video from the arrest and witness statements
Conduct and retain an expert doctor where necessary
Review all evidence and documents with you prior to court and answer any questions you may have
Investigate for any potential wrongful action taken by police officers and challenge any evidence illegally obtained
Review evidence obtained by field sobriety tests or Breathalyzers to ensure that the tests were properly administered
Challenge any Breathalyzer or field sobriety results that were improperly obtained or where tests were improperly administered
Using strategy and experience, develop a compelling defense in your case and defeat your DUI/DWI charges where the evidence is insufficient or was illegally obtained

At Anthony Allen & Associates we will prepare and present your defense, working to minimize your charges and penalties, protect your license and avoid any jail time.

As soon as you retain us, Anthony Allen & Associates will begin an immediate investigation to collect all necessary evidence for your case. Using research tools, technology and experts, we have the resources to assert your rights in or out of court in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Please call us at 800-409-1915 today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your matter.