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Divorce is never an easy decision, and the mere thought of it can be just as stressful as going through with it. But there are times when it becomes the right thing to do for yourself, your children and your future. When you decide to proceed with a divorce, an experienced our divorce attorney can be your best advocate in and out of court. Our dedicated lawyers can help you through the divorce process and beyond.

Our advice and representation extends to the questions you might have in the event that minor children are involved in a divorce. You may be wondering about who gets custody of the children and if you will pay or get child support. There are also the considerations of spousal support and the division of property.


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We understand that the court and most parties prefer to come to an agreement regarding the divorce and child custody beforehand, and our attorneys are skilled at negotiating and mediating a collaborative resolution wherever possible. We also seek to serve your best interests, and our attorneys are skilled trial lawyers who will not hesitate to aggressively represent you in a court of law if need be. While every divorce lawyer’s skills to give you comprehensive legal service in all facets of family law, we have both male and female attorneys on staff if you feel that you would be more comfortable working with one or the other.

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