Civil Rights

Help is Available for Civil Rights Violations

When the government, or its agents take actions in violation of our constitutional rights, we are all injured. Sometimes these actions lead to personal injuries or even wrongful death. At Anthony Allen & Associates, we help people who have been injured file lawsuits against government officials or agencies at the federal, state, or municipal levels. If you have been injured in violation of your civil rights, Contact Us as soon as possible.

Many civil rights violations stem from police misconduct. Police brutality and false arrest can cause serious physical and emotional harm. We handle situations of race discrimination, retaliation, and violence in violation of our civil rights. It is important to find an experienced and dedicated attorney to help you fight back in these unfortunate cases. A talented Oklahoma civil rights lawyer could make all the difference. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

Comprehensive Representation in Tulsa Family Law Matters

Whether you have been the victim of malicious prosecution, police brutality, or another violation of your civil rights, we can help. We have obtained large verdicts for clients who have been injured by police, discriminated against, or otherwise mistreated by government officials. We have the trial experience and the resources to handle these claims. By protecting your civil rights and standing up to those who would mistreat you, you are helping to protect others.

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced Oklahoma civil rights attorney. We listen to our clients and follow through on our commitments. We will give you the quality service and personal attention that you deserve.

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